Multimodal analysis for the life science - pharma - chemistry industry


M2Aind started in 2021 with new research.

In addition to chemical production, M2Aind is now also active in the fields of organic and food production and takes up the health concept of "nutrition". Digitization such as multimodal data integration, automation processes and machine/deep learning are becoming more important.


Linking technology with added value

M2Aind researches, among other things, the technology combination of IT-supported multimodal analysis, stem cell-based human 3D cell culture, intelligent sensors and "big data" concepts of digitized science. The focus of R&D is on the implementation of technological platforms and highly integrated applications. Various possible uses - these include B. Green Chemistry, ePathology, biocompatibility of implantable biosensors, targeting individualized, targeted RNA nanoparticle pharmaceuticals in tumors or the search for sugar substitutes


M2Aind research projects

M2Aind-ChemProcess: Digital technologies for cost-efficient and climate-neutral chemical and pharmaceutical production

M2Aind-BioProcess Monitoring: Digital technologies for cost-efficient and climate-neutral biotech production

M2Aind-Drugs4Future: Digital solutions for the successful development of safe and effective active ingredients

M2Aind-Food: Digital technologies for cost-efficient and climate-neutral food production

M2Aind DeepLearning: AI-solutions for the healthcare industry


You can find many more M2Aind research projects on our website under Publicly funded M2Aind projects or Industrie funded M2Aind projekts.