Digital technologies for cost-efficient and climate-neutral food production

M2Aind Food researches robust multispectral monitoring technologies for production, intermediate and final product control of food. Another goal is sensor hardening (upgrading of production sensors) in order to enable reliable quality statements with long-term stability in extreme environmental conditions.

Basic technologies from M2edTech and SM2all are significantly expanded and linked with one another. From the pool of sensors for disperse-phase systems, combinatorial possibilities for quality monitoring of different production stages in food production are created. Another goal is sensor hardening, i.e. the upgrading of production sensors in order to be able to make reliable quality statements with long-term stability in extremely harsh environmental conditions, e.g. for inline monitoring of crystallization and granulation processes. But also the treatment of "freshness", habitus, fat content, protein content, dry matter content, etc. are target variables that are to be monitored on the one hand with reference analysis (ion chromatography, mass spectrometry as well as measurement methods developed or used in other impulse projects), but subsequently also with online methods.


Prof. Dr. Matthias Rädle

Institute of Process Measurement Technology and Innovative Energy Systems


Industrial Partner

ProxiVision GmbH specializes in the development and manufacture of opto-electronic components.


Südzucker is a producer and supplier of high quality food and animal feed as well as ethanol, which are obtained on a large scale from various agricultural raw materials.