Campus TV accompanies and documents the research work of M2Aind at the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences - this has resulted in an exciting series of articles. The first contribution in this series is a film about "Active ingredient production in microreactors", in close cooperation with the TU Dortmund.

Innovation partnership M2Aind - multimodal analytics and intelligent sensor technology - M2Aind has been an association between the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences and numerous industrial companies from the health sector since 2017. Various research projects create practical solutions in the Rhine Neckar metropolitan region.

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Technology platforms for 3D cell culture and tissue clarification

This time it's all about transparent body cells, 1014 or 14 trillion that is the number of cells that make up an adult human. M2Aind dedicates its research to the human cell. The focus of the research is the production and analysis of cell cultures which, due to their 3-dimensional structure, are much closer to reality than 2-dimensional cell cultures from the Petri dish. Experiments with active pharmaceutical ingredients, for example, can be carried out much more lifelike on them. A clearing procedure in which the cells are made translucent and therefore transparent complements the method.

Research on multimodal measurement technology for pharmaceutical production and forensic technology

Innovative systems in the M²Aind research project at the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences.

With the help of optical measurement technology, M2Aind develops methods to check different chemical substances in the production of drugs as well as possible or to make fingerprints on a murder weapon visible ... More information about CeMOS "Center for Mass Spectrometry and Optical Spectroscopy" can be found here.

Immunopharmaceutical research

M2Aind works with the pharmaceutical industry to develop test systems that put the suitability of immunopharmaceuticals to the test.

Around 494,000 people will develop cancer in Germany in 2018. In addition to the classic cancer therapy of radiation or chemotherapy, certain types of cancer can also be treated with immunotherapy for several years. Antibodies are used in drug form, so-called immunopharmaceuticals, which either destroy cancer cells themselves or help the body to recognize and fight cancer cells.

Drug safety

Avoidance of interactions and side effects of active pharmaceutical ingredients

M2Aind works with industry to develop test systems to avoid interactions and side effects of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Every year around 2 million patients come to the hospital because of drug changes or side effects.

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