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1. Your partner for the digital conversion of resource-saving production processes for CO2 neutrality.

2. Your partner in digital technologies for safe and effective active ingredients.

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M²Aind: Multimodal analysis for the life science - pharma - chemistry industry

The task of diagnosing, treating and, ideally, curing common diseases such as diabetes or cancer in a targeted and individualized manner is extremely complex. One key to this lies in the intelligent use of biomolecular information. It is important to collect, process and purposefully evaluate vast amounts of data. In addition, pharmaceuticals should be manufactured more effectively and in a more environmentally friendly manner. The M2Aind research partnership faces these challenges at the interface between biomedicine and information technology. The partnership thus strengthens the Rhine-Main-Neckar region as a central point of contact for technology cooperation with the healthcare industry.

The area between the Rhine, Main and Neckar is home to numerous well-known companies from the healthcare industry. International top players such as Merck, Boeringer Ingelheim, BASF and Sanofi have locations here, as do highly specialized SMEs (small and medium-sized companies). There are also innovative providers from the fields of biomedicine, analytics and information technology as well as ambitious research clusters. In this respect, the region offers ideal prerequisites for a practical research alliance, the aim of which is to harness the enormous potential of biomolecular information primarily for the health industry: Welcome to M2Aind (pronounced: Mind), a research cooperation initiated by the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences in early 2017. Several dozen small and large companies from the health industry, analytics and information technology work together to use the potential of biomolecular data for specific application contexts.

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We are accepting other companies from the healthcare industry (from large companies to SMEs) who are interested in innovative research and would like to develop their own research. The Mannheim University of Applied Sciences is a partner for development and has the know-how for many research topics. Get in contact with us, we will be happy to inform you about M²Aind and a possible cooperation.

M2Aind Office

Scientific project coordinator
Dr. Sandra Schulz and Shirley Krämer


Mannheim University of Applied Sciences
Innovation partnership M2Aind 
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