Digital technologies for cost-efficient and climate-neutral chemical and pharmaceutical production

M2Aind ChemProcess develops generic process classes for the resource-saving production of chemical agents. It implements Industry 4.0 concepts in chemical process development and thus contributes to the security of the drug supply through competitive production in Germany.

Chemical manufacturing of active ingredients is still dominated by unproductive batch processes and empirical process development. M2Aind develops innovative, efficient and continuous production methods for Industry 4.0 The aim of the M2Aind ChemProcess impulse project is to increase resource efficiency and the safety of chemical active ingredient production. For this purpose, generic process classes are being developed for the resource-saving production of active chemical substances. The development process is shortened by algorithms and laboratory automation.

These multi-phase processes are not used in today's production because of the high development risk, despite the great potential. In a second step, the project also pursues the implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts in chemical process development and production. M2Aind ChemProcess ensures the security of supply of pharmaceuticals through competitive production in Germany again.

M2Aind ChemProcess is partly based on SM2all. The technologies on the basis of multimodal analysis, which were principally developed there with the company partners, are consistently applied to relevant processes and further developed in M2Aind ChemProcess. In contrast to the setup phase, M2Aind ChemProcess does not focus on the technologies, but on the resource-saving processes in the development laboratory.


Prof. Dr. Thorsten Röder

Institute of Chemical Process Engineering


Industrial Partner

As the largest employer in the Rhine-Neckar region, BASF has stood for chemistry for 150 years. The world's leading company combines economic success with environmental protection


The company is a global leader in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, life science and performance materials.


Sanofi is a global health company focused on people's health. The company works on solutions for people worldwide who face health challenges. Sanofi cares for a small number of those affected with a rare disease as well as for millions with a widespread disease. With more than 100,000 employees in 100 countries worldwide, Sanofi translates scientific innovation into medical progress.


emtechnik is the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality fittings and fittings made of special plastics.