Digital technologies for research and resource-saving production of safe and effective active ingredients

The M2Aind innovation partnership is an association between the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences and numerous companies in the healthcare industry. It creates practical solutions for industry in the Rhine-Main-Neckar region.

The M2Aind innovation partnership has been running at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences since 2017. M2Aind is an innovation-driven, research-intensive alliance that is deeply rooted in the region. Many very successful research activities with regional and national well-known companies in biomedicine and information technology have emerged during this time. In the first four years, complex research in the field of low molecular weight active ingredients, molecular human organoid and tissue analysis and real-time sensors and real-time analysis was analyzed, researched and optimized.

In the next few years, too, funding from the BMBF and industry will continue to promote innovative research and industry transfer in Mannheim. M2Aind will further expand digital technology for chemical, organic and food production and further develop a multimodal platform for drug discovery research. Multimodal data integration, automation processes and machine / deep learning should then move even more into focus.

Core projects

  1. M2Aind-ChemProcess: Digital technologies for cost-efficient and climate-neutral chemical and pharmaceutical production
  2. M2Aind-BioProcess Monitoring: Digital technologies for cost-efficient and climate-neutral biotech production
  3. M2Aind-Drugs4Future: Digital solutions for the successful development of safe and effective active ingredients
  4. M2Aind-Food: Digital technologies for cost-efficient and climate-neutral food production

You can find many more M2Aind research projects on our website under Publicly funded M2Aind projects  or Industrie funded M2Aind projekts.

The spirit of innovation under the sign of the square

The name M2Aind is inspired by the hometown of Mannheim: the inner city of the southwest German metropolis is laid out in a grid shape and is known under the term "Mannheimer Squares".

The innovation partnership M2Aind is...

1. Your partner for the digital conversion of resource-saving production processes for CO2 neutrality.

2. Your partner in digital technologies for safe and effective active ingredients.