Real-time sensors and real-time analytics

Impulse project: M²edTech - Conception and construction of demonstration models for real-time sensors and analytics.


M²edTech is the center of excellence for measurement instrument engineering of the M²Aind partnership. The impulse project covers the entire development chain of online process and product analysis up to the design of prototypes. With the planned automation and integration of processes, the devices built in M²edTech contribute to both the technology platforms for Industry 4.0. The goal is to develop technically highly sophisticated measuring devices and methods for use in the application-oriented impulse projects SM²all and M²OGA. These include spectroscopic methods for process monitoring of drug and cell culture production and testing or novel 3D measurement and visualization techniques for tissue analysis. In addition to optical measurements, it is planned to significantly expand the field of tracking and to develop systems that can be used in medical technology, for example for the observation of moving sensors or objects. Furthermore, novel methods of signal evaluation are to be made available for analysis.

With the measurement systems, health-relevant patient data and people in need of care can be systematically observed and monitored, surgery can be performed more safely and with increased success rates, germs and pathogens can be identified faster and more reliably, and production of materials required for medical care can be regulated through real-time quality control. In addition, there are numerous monitoring options within the areas of nutrition, health and environmental analysis. Consequently measuring devices and methods developed by M²edTech for the M²Aind partnership will cover the widest possible range of applications.

The partners who have joined forces to solve these challenges have for many years been active in the fields of optical and spectroscopic measuring devices, image analysis methods, electrical, acoustic and optical tomography, 3D spatial orientation, 3D visualization, fast signal analysis, signal evaluation, machine learning and integration of complex computational algorithms and in some cases are world leader.

Project Management Team

Project Team


Impulse Project M2edTech

Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Matthias Rädle



Partners in Industry

The HORIBA Group offers a variety of measuring instruments and systems for automotive test systems, process

As the largest employer in the Rhine-Neckar region, BASF has stood for chemistry for 150 years. The world leader combines economic success with environmental protection.



The MRC Systems GmbH offers high quality products in medical and laser technology as well as optical imaging, has a complete quality management system and experience with the approval of medical devices.

Pierenkemper GmbH is a specialist in the development and production of medical devices and systems.

ProxiVision GmbH specializes in the development and production of opto-electronic components.