Added value for partners

1) Creation and expansion of concepts for the research and development of service, process and product innovations.

2) Cross-departmental research and service partner (especially for the implementation of technological platforms and highly integrated applications).

3) Preferential access to the technical infrastructure including (high-end) devices at the HAW MA.

4) Direct access to young academics (including postdocs) with extensive know-how.

5) Increased visibility of the partners at the entire HAW MA and in public.

6) Formation of R&D teams, e.g. for successful participation in larger funding tenders.

7) Advice and support when applying for joint R&D third-party funds.

8) Development of strategic research capacities and topics for SMEs.

9) Competent, reliable and trustworthy contractor for industrial direct orders.

10) Access to the knowledge pool.

11) Development of devices, optics, applications, evaluation algorithms and chemical processes to solve technical and process-specific problems.


Become a Partner!

We are happy to support you as a competent partner in your research and development projects.

Get in contact with us at, we would be happy to inform you about M²Aind and a possible cooperation.