M²Aind Symposium 2020

7. M²Aind Talk - Edge Intelligence and Medical Technology

Where: Fakultät für Informationstechnik, Hochschule Mannheim, 1. OG, Gebäude K, Raum 107 // John-Deere-Straße 87, 68163 Mannheim

When: On Tuesday, October 22, 2019, our 7th M²Aind Talk will take place from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm as part of our innovation partnership M²Aind.

At this M²Aind Talk, our speakers are dedicated to Marcus Götz, MRC Systems Heidelberg and Professor dr. Marcus Vetter, M²edTech, Mannheim University of Applied Sciences in two keynote speeches on the subject of edge intelligence and medical technology.

After the lectures, an institute visit with Professor dr. Marcus cousin instead. Here you can learn more about deep learning in medical technology in a presentation of the ESM Institute (Institute for Embedded Systems, Control and Medical Technology).

Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to interact with representatives of the regional life science industry and learn new things with finger food and drinks!

Please register at the following e-mail address: m2aind@hs-mannheim.de

Here you can find out more about the program.

Design Thinking Boot Camp

Design Thinking Boot Camp
09. & 10. Juli 2019 von 09.30 bis 17.00 Uhr
Building K, Room 019, Hochschule Mannheim


inno.space and M²Aind have the pleasure of inviting you for a Design Thinking Bootcamp, on the 9th and 10th of July. This event is dedicated to small and medium companies, giving priority to partners involved in the M²Aind network while also accepting organisations working in the Medical Engineering field.

This bootcamp has the goal of providing a glimpse of what Design Thinking can be and how you can apply this method in other areas of your professional life as well as inside your organisation.

With the increasing technical possibilities and the growing competition of globally operating companies, the importance of innovation also grows in order to stay in the game. And a valuable tool proven to be crucial to stay in the front line of innovation is the Design Thinking Mindset.

Design Thinking is a hands-on approach used to tackle wicked real world problems. This method can be applied to design products, services and processes. It is based on collaborative creativity in multidisciplinary teams and has its core in the user and continuous iteration. This means that the process is driven by people - real humans with pains and needs. By building and learning from people's needs as well as testing with real users, the concepts represent a holistic integration of the three main pillars for sustainable innovation: desirability, viability and feasibility.

During this two-day bootcamp conducted in English, we will go through a full cycle of the Design Thinking method, which includes the following stages: user and market research, ideation, prototyping and testing.
You will get to work on a broad challenge related to healthcare and the medical field.

On both days the activities will be held at inno.space (Paul-Wittsack Straße, 4 Building K, Room 019) from 9:30 until 17:00.

The bootcamp is free of charge for M²Aind partners and has the cost of 200€ per person for external companies.
Registrations are limited to 2 people per organisation and to 20 participants in total.

Please let us know what company you are representing when registering and how many people will join.
Register now by sending an email to: inno.space@hs-mannheim.de.

M²Aind Symposium 2019

Microreactors and continuous synthesis, online spectroscopy process analytics

When: Monday, 24.6.19 from 1.00 p.m. and Tuesday, 25.6.2019 from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
Where: Mannheim University of Applied Sciences

We invite you to come to our event M²Aind Symposium on Monday, 24.6.19 and on Tuesday, 25.6.2019 at the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim, to participate in workshops and a city tour followed by dinner on TAG 1 and on TAG 2 news from our BMBF research project and process chemistry.

Day 1

Workshop for further education, Monday, 24.6.2019 - University of Applied Sciences Mannheim

1st Workshop: Process Fundamentals of Microreactorn, Prof. Dr. med. Thorsten Röder - 1pm to 3pm.

Participation fee of the workshop is 200 Euro. M²Aind members receive a discount of 50 euros. The workshops are subject to reservation (4 minimum participants).

City tour followed by dinner, 4.00 - 6.00 p.m.
In the late afternoon, a city tour through Mannheim awaits you. It is an excursion into the world of famous pioneers and their inventions. After that we will have dinner together and let the evening fade away.

Day 2

Event M²Aind Symposium, Tuesday, 25.6.2019 - 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. - Mannheim University of Applied Sciences - Karl Völker Hall - Building A - Speyerer Str. 2-4 - 68163 Mannheim

You can expect exciting lectures and news from process development and process analysis. Here you will hear news from our projects. Companies from the industry are given the opportunity to report on current developments. All representatives of chemical process development are welcome. We look forward to many lectures. Here you can find the agenda.

The participation fee of 100 Euro includes participation in the M²Aind Symposium (25.6.19) and city tour (24.6.19) without workshops. For M²Aind members, participation in the M²Aind Symposium and city tour is free of charge.

Please register here.

6. M²Aind Talk: Digitizing Biomolecular Information in the Healthcare Industry: Multimodal Imaging

Event: M²Aind Talk
14. May 2019, 4.00 - 7.00 p.m.
Karl-Völker-Saal, Hochschule Mannheim





4.00 p.m. - reception

4.30 p.m - welcome

4.40 p.m. - presentations:

From Macro to Nano - Applications of Modern Confocal Microscopy in Biomedical Research, Dr. Tanjef Szellas, Leica Microsystems CMS GmbH

Coherent Raman Spectroscopy Chemical Contrast Microscopy In Cells, Tissues, and Model Organisms, Dr. Volker Schweikhard, Leica Microsystems CMS GmbH

Investigation of cancerous tissues by MALDI MSI - proteolytic activity in fresh frozen tissue, Katrin Erich, CeMOS, Mannheim

5.30 p.m. - networking with fingerfood and drinks

7.00 p.m. - end of the event

Please register until 10th May 2019 m2aind@hs-mannheim.de

4. M²Aind Talk

Design Thinking und Entrepreneurship

Ihr Get-Together der Life Science Industrie für den Großraum Rhein-Neckar-Main

16.00-19.00 Uhr
Karl-Völker-Saal, Hochschule Mannheim


16.00 Uhr    Empfang
16.30 Uhr    Begrüßung: Prof. Dr. Carsten Hopf, M²Aind Partnerschaftssprecher, Hochschule Mannheim
16.45 Uhr    Talks

Prof. Kirstin Kohler, Hochschule Mannheim und Tobias Etter, Roche Diabetes Care Deutschland GmbH „Kreative Problemlösung in der
digitalen Gesundheitswelt / Verschiedene Perspektiven - ein gemeinsames Ziel“

Prof. Dr. Karin Arregui, Hochschule Mannheim
„Schlüsselqualifikation Entrepreneurship: Verwertung von Erfindungen und wissenschaftlichen Ergebnissen“

17.30 Uhr     Networking bei Food und Drinks

Bitte melden Sie sich unter folgender E-Mail Adresse an: m2aind@hs-mannheim.de

3. M²Aind Talk

On 11. December 2018, the Innovation Partnership M²Aind held their 3rd M²Aind Talk. The main topic was 3D-cell culture - technology and application

Welcome and introduction to the topic, Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Rudolf, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology of the Hochschule Mannheim-University of Applied Sciences and Project Manager of the Impulse Project M²OGA
Foil-based 3D cell culture systems - a high-throughput / high-content, forward-looking technology, Eric Gottwald, 300 Microns
Novel 3D skin models for industrial research,, Torsten Ertongur-Fauth, BRAIN
3D models in drug discovery @ Merck, Onkologie, Richard Schneider & Julia Meier-Hubberten, Merck KGaA