Joint BioRN & Ci3 Annual Conference 2018

This year our conference is titled: "Immunotherapy And Beyond – The Next Generation of Cancer Treatment". On the campus of Merck in Darmstadt.

The two leading-edge life science clusters BioRN and Ci3 are joining forces to foster knowledge exchange in cancer immunotherapy. Experts in the fields of therapeutic vaccination, cellular and combination therapy, immunomodulation etc. will present their latest findings and new concepts for cancer treatment.
Beneath keynotes and talks of experts from both clusters, the program will be complemented by a poster exhibit (call for posters now), to give a general overview of companies and research within the two clusters.
There will be also numerous opportunities to network and initiate joint projects.
Thus, the Joint BioRN & Ci3 Annual Conference 2018 is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the activities of both clusters and their members coming from academia as well as the biotech and pharma industry.
On the occasion of its 350th anniversary, Merck is hosting the conference.

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